Libeled Lady Be Good


Imagine a movie opening that starred Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, all in their prime. Now imagine Tom Cruise and Sandra were dating and talking marriage. How huge would that movie be?

A star-powered quartet in one of TCM’s “Essentials”.

That might give you some idea of big deal-ness . . . → Read More: Libeled Lady Be Good

What Would Barbara Stanwyck Do?

Barbara Stanwyck

It’s tough to really commit to doing what Jesus would do in any given situation. I’m not generous enough, wise enough, or turn water into wine-y enough. There are T-shirts that suggest one do whatever Joan Jett would do, but I’m not bad ass enough. Not good enough to be Jesus, not bad enough . . . → Read More: What Would Barbara Stanwyck Do?

Fabulously Perverted and Sexy Pre-Code 30s Movies! Part 1

Pre-code Joan Blondell

I’ve been obsessed with Pre-Code movies for decades. Here’s why:

Most people believe old movies are stodgy, quaint relics of a time when asexual women did what they were told and upright, wholesome men stalwartly upheld good Christian values. But most people are wrong. Very, very wrong.

These people assume the post-World War . . . → Read More: Fabulously Perverted and Sexy Pre-Code 30s Movies! Part 1


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