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That’s Why the Lady is reVamp!

What if you had an interest that made some people think you were weird (and made other people think you were awesome)? What if you could take that weird/awesome passion and turn it into...

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Elevator Bitch — or Why I Started This Blog

People often ask what started me thinking about creating this blog about the “lost art of being a dame”. I think it all started in an elevator… Years ago I was riding an elevator...


Bring Back the Dame!

Check it out! I couldn’t have put it better than E.A. Hanks in her piece in Time Magazine — Enough With the Kooky Ingenues — Bring Back the Dame!

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Guest Post: Ava Gardner and Me

By Guest blogger Deborah Ingles Schwalbach Met Deb, 65-years-old and still getting all hot and bothered (but mostly hot) when she discovers a classic film she haven’t seen before. Like me, she grew up...


I Was Totally Wrong About Teresa Wright!

I always thought Teresa Wright was talented and sweet, but kind of an ineffectual limp noodle. She plays the good girl well, and I guess that was my problem.  Sure, her screen characters had...


Mary Astor and Her Dirty Diary

I learned about blow jobs from Charlie Chaplin. (Yes, that Charlie Chaplin.) I was about 12 and with my babysitting earnings I bought the book Hollywood Babylon. As a passionate old movie fan, and...


Sippie Wallace: A Mighty Tight Woman

According to F. Scott Fitzgerald, “there are no second acts in American lives.”  Clearly, F. didn’t know f—, and he certainly didn’t know 1920s Blues singer and writer, “Sippie” Wallace. Like the more well-known...