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Style and fashion for grown-ups and cool chic chicks. What to wear, how to wear it, with lots of insights from dames and vintage fashion books and magazines.


That’s Why the Lady is reVamp!

What if you had an interest that made some people think you were weird (and made other people think you were awesome)? What if you could take that weird/awesome passion and turn it into...

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Turns Out I’m STILL Not a French Woman!

I’m surprised, and sort of outraged, that I’m still not a French woman. True, I don’t smoke, but I only shave my underarms sporadically so that should even things out. In fact, when my...


Rock It Like a Redhead’s Sister Act

In my never-ending search for dames to inspire me — in deed, dress and perspective — it just so happens a lot seem to be redheaded. A coincidence…or is being a redhead a way...


I’ve Got a Cherry on My Back

I have long been powerless against the cherry. Not the kind you eat, the kind you wear. For reasons not entirely clear to me, from time to time clothing manufacturers and designers put cherries...

Why can't this be me? 1

I’m So Pathetically Not French

When I was a girl I loved to get those little booklets they sold by the cash register at the supermarket. I’d read and re-read all the “1,000 Baby Names” books. Even now, decades...

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Domicidal Maniac

I’m obsessed. I’ve long loved decorating and thinking about decorating, but now that my new husby and I are getting an apartment together, I have an opportunity to actually do some decoratin’ damage and...