I've lived as a girl my entire life. (A fact that no doubt grows more impressive with each passing year.)   And throughout that whole aforementioned life, I've been loving and learning from dames. Let's face it, being a woman is fascinating. Negotiating life in the female space is complicated, complex, exciting, enervating, confusing, frustrating, fabulous and fun. To be successful it requires nerves, and buns, of steel and a good sense of humor.  (A sharp eye and a soft heart wouldn't hurt.) Obsessed with "old movies" for over 40 years, I possess an encyclopedic, and monumentally annoying, knowledge of 20th century pop culture. In The Lost Art of Being a Dame, I'm joining my twin passions, old school glamour and personal development, to explore what we can learn from yesterday's vintage vixenry. (Plus a lot of incredibly personal stuff.) I've worked as a mechanical bull operator in Florida, a bodybuilding trainer in Greenwich Village, a second-grade teacher in Harlem, a third-grade teacher in the Bronx, and a  “Web evangelist” all across the United States. Right now I'm Senior Editorial Director at TeenNick at Nickelodeon -- also as a freelance writer, speaker and consultant on digital content strategy and branding. Over the years I've worked for a host of media brands including PBS, Oprah, AMC, WE,  MTV, TeenNick,  Martha Stewart, Oxygen, the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, BUST, Atomic Magazine, and the preschooler channel Noggin (where I am proud to have been the mind behind – and songwriter for -- network hosts Moose A. Moose and Zee). My nutty homes and my wonderful husband have gotten me profiled in New York Magazine, Apartment Therapy, the New York Post, the New York TimesHouse Tours, and several women's magazines and websites. I live in midtown Manhattan with my 2 dogs, 4 birds, a huge pink octopus chandelier, and my sainted husband. I care way too much about some things and not nearly enough about others, and I am a big believer in kindness and the restorative powers of pancakes, puppies, red lipstick, and His Girl Friday. I'm also pretty sure that you are pretty swell. Thanks so much for stopping by -- please come back soon!