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My kitchen may not get much foot traffic, but maybe it'll get more on the Web.

our kitchen

Some people want to be on the cover of TIME magazine, or in Playboy, or in the New York Times. Dixie Laite, she is pleased as punch to be in Apartment Therapy – not once but now for the third time. The first apartment I bought was a 500 square foot studio in the Parc Vendome. I loved it so much, the building, the fact that it was mine. I was thrilled when it ended up in BUST magazine and on Apartment Therapy. But collector that I am, after some years I started thinking about a bigger place. (Having added four parrots and a dog to my household the studio could feel a little cramped at times.) I moved into Bluebird Manor (I like to name each apartment) and was so proud when Apartment Therapy re-visited me to feature the “pink palace” both online and in their House Tours book. That’s when I first met Jill Slater, the wonderful photographer and writer. Within 10 minutes I was TMI-ing her because she’s just a lovely person. And here I was TMI-ing her again a couple of weeks ago when she came over to the new apartment I share with my husband. Here’s a link to a separate piece she did on our sliver of a kitchen. In a couple of weeks Apartment Therapy will do the whole apartment. That’s when the fun begins. Because if you read the litany of comments folks had about Bluebird Manor, you can see it’s open season on people who decorate their apartments like, well, like madams at undersea brothels. I was compared to baby Jane Hudson, reviled as psychotic, and one or two posts expressed profound disbelief that I had a boyfriend as they found my apartment utterly intolerable for anyone with a penis. (I have a husband now, so snap!) I can’t wait to hear if the new maxi-pad – yet to be named – is as horrifying to the general public and incites the same level of derision as Bluebird Manor.

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  1. Ronnie says:

    I adore your apartment, your decorating is absolutely winning, and the story of your courtship with your husband in the NYT is so charming I could spit up. I commented here rather than at AT because it makes it more personal and because I never venture into the comments at AT because those people by and large are intolerant of individuals with more than a suggestion of true style.

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