Rock It Like a Redhead’s Sister Act

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, rocking it like redheads!

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, rocking it like redheads!

In my never-ending search for dames to inspire me -- in deed, dress and perspective -- it just so happens a lot seem to be redheaded. A coincidence...or is being a redhead a way of life as well as a hair color? Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti will tell you it's not happenstance; rocking red hair is more than just a random tonsorial decision, or accident of birth;it is hairdo dharma. Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti are sisters, best friends, natural-born redheads -- and as it turns out, natural born entrepreneurs. They're real redheads with a real head for business, with their own company, How to be a Redhead. The sisters co-founded their website,, to empower all their redheaded sisters with the motto, “ Red hair is more than a color, it’s a lifestyle!” Being a redhead myself, I wanted to learn not just about their business, but the business of being a redhead. (And believe me, it is a full-time job!) Hi girls! Your tagline is that “Redhead is more than a hair color, it’s a lifestyle." Just what makes redheads  different, special, awesome <fill in your own adjective here>? First and foremost, red hair IS different! So, that in itself makes a redhead very unique. Redheads cannot deny that their red hair gives them spunk, attitude, fierceness, and definitely some sassiness. Growing up, we were bullied for our red hair and Stephanie even dyed her hair blonde for many years. When we started How to be a Redhead (and Stephanie went back to her beautiful natural roots), we promised ourselves we would make the community a powerful source, something we wish we had when we were growing up. We get emails from girls every single day telling us, “Thank you for making me feel like my hair is awesome! I wouldn’t be able to go to school without your website.” Historically, how have redheads been a special breed? Which classic redheaded icons are your faves, and why? We grew up watching “I Love Lucy” with our grandmother, who was also a redhead. Lucille Ball was one of the first women (ever) to make red hair beautiful in Hollywood. We’ve always thought she started the trend. We also love Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams. It’s funny, I became a redhead years ago, and I notice that a lot of my closest friends also happen to be redheads – either born that way or by choice. Coincidence? It must be because you all love How to be a Redhead. Kidding!! But, with all seriousness, we hear this all of the time. We’re so happy red hair is now being embraced by society and people view it as beautiful. It really is the most stunning hair color in the world! Hey! You left out some famous redheads from the classic silver screen! Rita Hayworth was one of movie's supreme love goddesses of all time -- and she had gorgeous long red hair. Then there was Clara Bow, the "It Girl", maybe the screen's first ever real sex symbol -- and she had flaming red hair! To name a few! Anyway...I digress. Tell us about your “Rock It Like a Redhead” events! I hear you have a Kickstarter campaign… We’re so excited about our Kickstarter campaign! We bring our website to life with events called Rock it like a Redhead. Its mission is to empower every redhead to feel empowered, look amazing and rock their red hair. We had our 1st event in New York City in 2013 and it was such a big success. A truly magical evening. Everyone kept coming up to us at the events saying, “When are you coming to our city?” We knew right away. We have to do a tour. It took us 18 months of planning and we’re finally live on Kickstarter! We want it to be more than fundraising and sponsors, we want all of our followers behind the tour. We made it so people can pledge anywhere from $1-$2,000. 2015 is going to be an amazing year. It’s the world’s first & only redhead beauty TOUR ever. We’re about to make some history! The words “redhead” and “dame” just seem to go together. What similarities do the proverbial dame and the redheaded woman archetype have in common? They definitely do! Redheads are true “Redhead Royalty”! This is why we have tank tops sold in our store with that slogan. is all about the redhead “damehood.” We’re rare and unique, and our hair color definitely gives us status. For us older redheads out there (over 40), is there special advice or stuff you have just for us? We get this question a lot and thanks to our team of writers, we’re able to reach all age demographics. For women over 40, we suggest the following beauty tips: wear lots of sunscreen, invest in a great depositing shampoo (we’re head over heals for the Davine’s line) and a great, deep red lip is always in trend. Last but not least, I’m a redhead – what concrete steps should I take to “rock it like a redhead”? Rockin’ it like a redhead is all about having confidence and loving who you are! We think you have it down pat 😉 Aw, shucks, y'all.

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