Low Self-Esteem? Big Whoop.


I’ve written about low self-esteem before; I feel like a bit of an expert, a connoisseur even. I can spot lurking insecurities at 50 paces, which is why I’m always so flabbergasted when anyone says they’re surprised I’m not as confident as I appear.

Anyway, it’s a problem that casts a shadow over one’s entire life experience. Therapy might help, so might self-help books. But I have found not a cure but an answer; I shared it in my 15 Minutes of Dame column for the DIY Business Association site.

Please, let me know what you think.

1 comment to Low Self-Esteem? Big Whoop.

  • Self-esteem is a huge issue, too many folks miss out on it, and honestly when my self-esteem was low it was obnoxious, trapped in senseless irrational negativity.

    Raising your self-esteem takes commitment and effort NLP, affirmations, therapy, etc. all can work together, imo you can’t just focus on one technique for raising your self-esteem.

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